Bucs players, staff get their hands dirty for the kids

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers go all out for the NFL's Hometown Huddle - a day of community service in which every team is encouraged to participate.

In Tampa, the Bucs teamed up with the United Way. Players and front office personnel work with kids at the Sulphur Springs Resource and Community School, building self-esteem and leadership skills for brighter futures.

Darcie Glazer Kassewitz, co-president of the Glazer Family Foundation, lead the charge. But this is just part of Bucs for a Better Bay - the team's ongoing initiative to give back.

"It just embodies our far-reaching commitment to Tampa and to make it better for today and generations to come," said Glazer.

This isn't a new effort by the Bucs. Their work at the Sulphur Springs Resource and Community School highlights the team's commitment. Every week, the Bucs find ways to reach out and inspire the next generation.

The community outreach program lifts up children, but it also benefits members of the team.

"It's amazing, it's amazing," said Lavonte David. "When I heard about the opportunity to interact with kids, I was the first to jump on it."

It's hard to tell who has more fun - the kids or the players. And the fun doesn't stop with the players in the classrooms. The entire Buccaneers business office took a day off to give the school and the resource center a clean makeover. About 150 employees gave their time and got their hands dirty. 

"We closed down the office today to do this," said Glazer. "Really, Bucs for a Better Bay embodies everything that is happening today. We are reaching out to the community and taking care of kids. It's so important to us."

It's a winning program for both the Bucs and their young fans.