Former Buc Anthony Becht named head coach for XFL team

There are some big names that will coach the XFL's spring relaunch next year, including one well-known in Tampa Bay: Former Bucs player Anthony Becht. 

There will be eight teams, and he list of head coaches include former Oklahoma Sooner Head Coach Bob Stoops, Steelers greats Hines Ward and Rob Woodson. Becht said he is ready to take the next step towards a new chapter of his life after landing his first head coaching job with XFL’s third try.

"Yeah, turn the page," Becht said. "It's time to do something else. It's the right time in my life, and I'm excited about it. I've got a lot of knowledge to give, and I want to give it. It's time to give it back from a professional level, and I'm excited to do it."

Becht brings a unique perspective to the job as a former player, assistant coach and member of the media as a football analyst.

"I think a lot of people talk about well he doesn't have head coaching experience, said Becht. "I think that's a misnomer, especially for me. I'm a guy that's played 12 years in the league under seven different head coaches and two firings. Soaked in a lot of knowledge and information from the game. Also, from them and remembered it. Some of the things that worked well and some of the things that didn't work well. I put that all in the back of my mind and remembered those things. When I was brought in with the Arizona Cardinals and the Rams and some of those teams, I was brought in to galvanize a young group of tight ends and help that growth and development process."

The XFL’s restart will be in 2023, a venture lead by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, who partnered with a group of investors that bought the league for $15 million

"I'm super excited about it," said Becht. "The guys is super successful and here's a guy that played the game of football at the highest level in college and didn't get that chance. Would love to have had this developmental league in place for him to try to excel him and kind of push forward maybe his career. He didn't have that."

At this point, Becht isn’t sure which city he’ll be the head coach for, but his work has already started with former teammates and players looking to be a part of his new venture. Becht will also continue his community work in the Tampa Bay area. His summer football camp is scheduled in Wesley Chapel for June 6-8.

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