Former Gator attempts 3-point shot world record

Former Florida Gator Teddy Dupay still has the moves and the touch that made him the best shooter in the state. He's literally putting his reputation on the line and will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for knocking down the most 3-point shots in 24 hours.

"The record right now is 10,381. Our goal is to make 11,408," said Dupay.

There's a purpose for Teddy's points. It's called 3's for Kids. A pay it forward effort to raise money for Academy Prep, a non-profit middle school dedicated to educating economically disadvantaged students. Without it a girl like Imani Deborah-Smith might not be heading to college.

"It's changed my life," said Deborah-Smith. "To have him raise the money gives us opportunities to get the education and opportunities that we would not get if we went to public schools. You also get exposed to extracurricular actives that we wouldn't, if we hadn't gotten the chance to go to Academy Prep," she said.

Knocking down the 3-point shot isn't the hard challenge facing Teddy Dupay. It's finding a way to get enough basketballs in his hands to attempt the shots. Dupay has come up with a way to increase his chances with help from a friend. The two spent days constructing a life-sized 'Pop-A-Shot'.

"We just couldn't seem to get it right," said Dupay. "I would have hated to not brake the record because we couldn't rebound the ball correctly. That would be a shame. What would be perfect I said is a life-sized 'Pop-a-Shot' and he did it,  he's amazing."

Dupay had already raised one-third of his $100,000 goal, even before taking his first official shot.

"You can donate a penny a shot," said Dupay. "You can donate, if only I break the record. You can donate $5.00 flat. You can come in and be a part of amazing raffles. We are giving away free training. We're giving away free trips. We are going to do everything in our power to get people excited and give a great experience to everybody that shows up."

Dupay has prepared for his world record attempt for a year and he believes it's going to be well worth it.

"That's a game changer," said Dupay. "It changes somebody's life. You're taking them out of an awful situation and putting them into an amazing situation. I'm thinking we can shoot right past the $100,000 and fuel the mission over there. They are doing great stuff."