Lennard Longhorns off to perfect 2-0 start, but their logo has to go

These days, there is a lot of pride being a Lennard Longhorn football player. 

"They believe in the Longhorn way,” said Lennard head coach Matt Kitchie. "They believe in Lennard High School and they work for it."

Their 2-0 success starts with a massive offensive line. Starters range from 265 pounds to 315. Their bulk is equaled by brains. 

"Not only are they good football players,” continued Kitchie, "they're all great students. The all have 3.2 or higher. Couple have 4.0. One has like a 5.6. It's a crazy group of kids. We're really lucky to have them."

But not everything is going the Longhorns’ way. The University of Texas wants their logo back for themselves. The school is demanding Lennard lose the logo. 

"They have to protect their brand,” said Kitchie.  "We understand, but it stinks because we kind of like looking like Texas."

The team has good talent. Smart kids. But how artistic are they? We put the challenge to them to come up with a new logo. Offensive tackle Michael Rankins designed what could be winner -- A cartoonish twist on "Hook'em Horns."

Junior guard Hayden Gondelman-Mathews had a totally new idea. Lennard Ladybugs?

"He wants to be the Ladybugs,” said Kitchie. "That would be Hayden. That's his personality."

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Coach Kitchie has heard a lot of new suggestions. Even the Lennard Tomatoes, which Ruskin is well known for. But he kind of likes Rankins’ new Longhorns look.

"Oh, that's not bad,” said Kitchie. "The breathing, the smoke, I guess. And the nose ring. That would fit in with pop culture these days.”

But would it pass with Texas?

"Probably not,” laughed Kitchie.

So at Lennard, the work continues -- on and off the field.