Seffner Christian's Michael Trigg is all about football, basketball and BBQ

Seffner Christian's Michael Trigg is facing a lot of choices. This 6-foot-four, 235-pound high school athlete has his pick from top universities in two different sports: football and basketball.

He could play both.

"A lot of sports say that I will be able to play both," Trigg tells FOX 13 Sports. "It's just a matter of, do I want to do that or do I just want to focus on football or basketball? I haven't made that decision yet."

USF was the first school to offer Trigg a basketball and football scholarship, but the hometown school didn't make his top 20.His list includes Louisiana State University, Auburn, Florida, Florida State University and Miami. Even Alabama didn't make it. 

"Coaches contact me every day, so my phone stays ringing," said Trigg. "It's just a matter of keeping you head on straight. Not getting too high. Not getting too low."

So Michael has narrowed his list down to 20 schools and they are some of the best programs in the country. But the coronavirus pandemic shutdown has definitely slowed \his ability to find the right fit.

"I haven't had a chance to visit a lot of schools," said Trigg. "So I just really want to keep my options open. Just find the right fit for me. You don't want to go anywhere that you haven't been, get there and regret it. This corona thing kind of messed things up a little bit."

Trigg is the Bay Area's top-rated student-athlete. The No.1 tight end in Florida and second-ranked in the country. He's getting calls every day from the biggest coaching names in college football.

His long-term goal is to make it to the pros, but it doesn't stop there. He wants a business degree so he can come home and help expand his father's business.

"Konan's BBQ, make it global," said Trigg. "Cause I've seen my dad work so hard. Ever since I was young... build it from the ground up. That's very big for me and my family. It got us here. Where we are today."

Mike is looking to build on that legacy and run with it.