Stanford's Brody Malone in Tampa defending US Gymnastics Championship title

All eyes are on Brody Malone as he comes to Tampa as the defending US Gymnastics Champion. Malone won both the all around and vault in 2021, but his approach is to forget about the past.

"I try to think of each competition as a clean slate," said Malone. "Doesn't matter how well or how bad I've done in the past."

The decision by his mother to put Malone in gymnastics at the age of three came out of necessity.

"It's like the classic gymnastics story," laughed Malone. "Jumping all over the house, bouncing off the walls, too much energy. Oh, we'll just throw him in gymnastics."

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One of Malone's events is on the pommel horse, but it's not the only horse that he's used to competing on. He actually was a rodeo rider growing up.

"Yeah, so my dad actually did rodeo in college," said Malone. "Ever since I can remember, I grew up around horses, riding, and they taught me how to rope when I was young. I just grew up kind of doing it. My whole family does it"

Brody Malone shows off his gymnastics skills during the U.S. Gymnastics Champtionships in Tampa

The 10-time NCAA National champion at Stanford sees a lot of comparisons between the sports, but gives the edge to the sport he's currently competing in.

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"It's very physical and very mental," said Malone. "Rodeo is too, but I'm kind of biased towards gymnastics. It's like my profession."

Malone made his first Olympic team in 2020 and is determined to make it to Paris in 2024.

"Every competition we go to is a stepping stone for the Olympics," said Malone. "It's been like that since I a young gymnast."

The USA Gymnastics National Teams will be named at the conclusion of this event.