Suh makes first appearance as a Buccaneer

Ndamukong Suh already has plans for his time in Tampa.

"Break records, as I did in Detroit," he said. "Play at a very high level, [as I did] in Miami, as well as in Los Angeles." 

The five-time Pro Bowler signed a one-year contract with the Buccaneers. 2019 will be Suh's 10th NFL season. 

"To be able to bring that experience and be able to bring some different views on things, but at the same time, understand it all needs to be collective," said Suh. "We all need to have one vision, and that's winning." 

Suh thinks he can do that with the Bucs, and under the leadership of Todd Bowles, the team's defensive coordinator.

"[I] made the decision I did, but wanted to team up with him and see what him and Kacy Rodgers could [do to] help me continue to grow," he said. "I think as professionals, we always want to find ways to continue to grow and meet great people." 

When asked what number he'd like to wear for the Bucs, Suh said he hopes to wear number 93. Of course, that was Gerald McCoy's old number.

However, Suh said he's not here to replace McCoy. He wants to carve out his own path. 

"I'm definitely not taking Gerald's spot," said Suh. "Gerald set a stone at this franchise for many, many years. [He's] very successful, played at a very high level. I've got a great relationship with him." 

While Suh has yet to hit the field with his new teammates, his tape is proof enough to them that he'll be an impact player. 

"Vicious, tenacity, you know, always going to go 100%," said Bucs linebacker, Lavonte David. "Always going to be a guy you have to account for. He's going to help out a lot of us in the back end." 

Suh says he enjoys the attack-style defenses he's been a part of, and that should fit in what Bruce Arians and Bowles are looking for. But, it's costed him hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and a reputation of one of the league's dirtiest players.

"Being on list is good and bad, whatever you want to continue to look at it as," said Suh. "I've been very lucky and very blessed in this league to play at a high level, and I want to continue to do that." 

Suh is expected to practice with the Bucs next week during the team's mandatory three-day minicamp.