University of Tampa's Anthony Gamble displays artistry beyond the arc

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Seeming on a string, from his hand to the hoop, University of Tampa Spartan Anthony Gamble's three-point shots seem completely effortless. 

Over and over, from more than 20 feet away, he launches the ball to the center of the cylinder. 

Gamble's mindset makes the difficult appear routine.

"I honestly just let it go," the UT senior explained.

Gamble came to Tampa after playing high school basketball at Newsome High School in Riverview.

Back then, the 6-foot 5-inch forward was not the silky-smooth shooter he has since become. 

Long-time Spartan Head Coach Richard Schmidt says he didn't have to teach Gamble the mechanics, but he does have to encourage him to shoot.

"He just has that knack for it," says Schmidt. "He can really shoot, long-distance. A lot of times we would rather he shoot a lot more."  

Gamble says endless hours of practice, ball after ball launched into the air, makes shooting from beyond the arc appear easy.

He ranks in the school's top five all-time for 3-point accuracy. He leads the Spartans in scoring and has started every game this season. 

Shooting from three-point range - at least 20 feet and 9 inches from the rim - has its inherent advantages, when successful. Particularly when you're scoring 3 to your opponents 2.

"You're always up by one," Gamble quipped.