Winston makes enthusiastic return to field; Bucs starting QB still uncertain

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Jameis Winston couldn't contain his smile on his first day back on the field.  

His plan was to greet his team at 12:01 Tuesday morning, if they had beaten the Steelers. He was still the first one in later that morning and said he isn't worried about when his time will come to return to the starting lineup. 

"It's about the team's success," Winston said. "I'm not a selfish player; it's about our team. We're out here doing big things and we have to continue doing it." 

Winston missed his teammates but didn't miss a second of the frenzy surrounding his replacement. 

"I've seen the beards, but when the guy throws for 400 yards three games in a row, you got to love that," Winston smiled. "And as a community, we got to get behind this team because when we're winning, when things are going good, we got to capitalize on that. I'm just happy to be back, man, like I'm happy that now I can be a part of that. I'm not watching from a distance. I can be here with my teammates." 

Winston couldn't wait to get back to work. He received a warm welcome from his teammates, but he realizes it's going to take some work to win back some Bucs fans. 

"Every day is a learning process and you have to continue building the trust of these fans," said Winston. "Right now we are having some fun. We're out there winning and the more we win the more fans will come back."

Ryan Fitzpatrick's record performances have the team in a dilemma. Do they stick with Fitz or turn the offense back over to the face of the franchise?

It's a good problem, having two solid quarterbacks, but do players think Fitz has earned the right to remain the starter?

"I think he's proven a lot so far, we're not surprised by the types of numbers Fitz has put up," said Chris Godwin.

"I think coach will make that decision," said Mike Evans. "I'm just going to go out there and whoever throws me the ball, I'll catch it."

For now, Dirk Koetter is keeping everyone guessing about which quarterback will line up under center against the Bears.