Wastewater collection data could help track COVID-19 spread in Tampa

The city sends samples to a Massachusetts company called Biobot, which is collecting from three stations in Hillsborough County and 700 nationwide. Even though numbers in Florida are still relatively low, the data shows we are enduring a small wave in Hillsborough and nationwide.

Spain to drop masks outdoors as omicron surge decelerates

Spain will end a mandate to wear masks outdoors next week, reversing a late December order against an unprecedented surge of coronavirus infections fueled by a highly contagious mutation, Health Minister Carolina Darias said.

Doctors caution: Accuracy of rapid COVID tests can be much lower than PCR

If you can find a COVID-19 test and can afford to wait for results, doctors agree PCR tests are the most accurate. At-home tests are less accurate, but can work in many cases. However, if you have symptoms but can't get a test, doctors say to assume you have the omicron variant.