Florida's omicron cases back below highest delta level

Cases of COVID-19 in Florida are about to slip back underneath the highest number we saw during the Delta variant.

The CDC says the 7-day rolling average of new cases is now at 21,930.

Back on August 26, during the height of the Delta variant, the average was at 21,581.

After 45 days of increases, on January 11, cases hit an average high of 65,621. 

If the pattern holds, we could have just over three weeks until cases drop to their pre-omicron simmering phase.

"These waves, when we have a huge amount of infection, they infect a bunch of people, and that provides a short term immunity," said USF virologist Dr. Michael Teng.

Teng says getting sick will still be much more likely if you're not vaccinated or not wearing masks in big groups. 

While outdoor things are always preferable, he says indoor dining and socializing in select groups, especially among the vaccinated and boosted, will be less risky.

"What we need is a more dynamic policy," said Teng. "When we see cases starting to rise, then we bring back the personal protective gear, distancing, things like that."

He says another wave could come from another variant, which would likely take hold first in the unvaccinated around the world or here in America.