Doxie pup enjoys first snow in Chicago

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A fall snowstorm blanketed Chicago on Friday, November 10, as cold temperatures dipped in the Midwest.

The National Weather Service said lake-effect snow was expected to continue into the weekend.

The wintry weather was welcome, especially by one adorable dachshund named Pintör.

The puppy's owner took video of him enjoying his first snow experience. Pintör frantically pawed and pounced around a snow-covered porch as snow fell around him. 

Temperatures in Chicago dipped to 18 degrees with the wind chill bringing the temperature down to the single digits. That temperature tied with a record cold temperature for the city set on the same date in 1986.

Pintör didn't seem to mind the chilly weather, but probably enjoyed snuggling into his warm doggie bed once playtime was over.