Forecast: Humberto strengthening but moving away

Forecasters say a tropical wave moving across the Atlantic now has a 90-percent chance of becoming the season’s next tropical depression.

Monday morning, the small low pressure system was looking more organized, and the National Hurricane Center says conditions are favorable for it to continue to develop as it slowly drifts west.

Forecast models show it will likely make a turn to the north before reaching the U.S., but that is still several days out.

“Imelda” is the next name on the 2019 Atlantic storm list.

A second area of interest, in the western Gulf of Mexico, has only a 10-percent chance of developing before it makes landfall. But it’s still expected to bring heavy rain to coastal Texas later this week.

Hurricane Humberto, meanwhile, is now expected to become a major Category 3 storm. But it’s still moving east-northeast away from the U.S. and forecasters say it will likely continue that direction, passing just north of Bermuda.

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