July is on track to be the hottest month in Tampa since 1890

It’s been hot. Those living in Tampa can agree on that one, but meteorologists say the heat has been cranked up enough to break new records.

"We are about to finish up perhaps the hottest month Tampa has ever recorded," explained FOX 13’s meteorologist Dave Osterberg. "July 2022 right now is the hottest month ever recorded and with our forecast highs for the rest of this month in the mid, maybe upper-90s, I don’t see why that is going to change."

According to the National Weather Service, temperature records in Tampa began in 1890. So, compared to every year for the past 132 years, Tampa is on track to set new monthly average temperature records, including the warmest month, the warmest July, and the warmest two consecutive months.

On record, the warmest month and year was in September 2018 with an average temperature of 85.8 degrees. The warmest July at the moment was in 2020 with an average 85.5 degrees. The current average for this month as of July 28 is 86 degrees. 

As of now, the warmest two months in a row were July 2020 to August 2020 with 85.1 degrees. From June 1 to July 28 of this year, the temperatures have averaged out to be 85.6 degrees.

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Osterberg said Friday, near-record temperatures will continue right through the weekend.

Due to low rain chances and the lack of cloud cover, nothing is stopping the heat.