Students leave messages for first responders using classrooms

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First responders with Pinellas Suncoast Fire Rescue got some unexpected encouragement Friday as they prepare for Hurricane Irma. 

Pinellas Suncoast Fire Rescue set up a new emergency operations center at Indian Rocks Christian School Friday. 

When they arrived and began setting up their supplies, they found some messages of encouragement - written by students - on the dry erase boards in the classroom. 

Students wrote the messages Miss Sovocool's second-grade classroom white board. 

"Ms. Sovocool's Circus" and the school's address in Largo, Florida was written in the top right corner of the board. 

The notes on the board began, "Dear First Responders, Welcome to the Circus!" 

It continued with messages written from Ms. Sovocool and several students in the class. 

"We are praying for you as you use our school to help with the hurricane. We're glad you could stay here safely. You are welcome to do things here," the letter read. "Thank you for serving. We love your work! You do so many good things. Thank you for helping with the hurricane! We hope you stay safe."

The message was signed by each student in the class. 

In another classroom, a message on a whiteboard said, "Welcome, first responders! We appreciate your service to our community. God bless you! ~ The Indian Rocks Christian School Family"