Tallahassee 5-year-old sees first snow

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Kids growing up in Florida grow up knowing more about beaches, sand, and palm trees than children in other parts of the country.

But some miss out on the joys of a backyard snow day.

This week, however, many kids in north Florida are catching snowflakes on their tongues as a massive swath of cold - a system named Winter Storm Grayson - dips down into the southernmost parts of the U.S.

LINK: Snow in Florida: Flakes fly in Tallahassee

In Tallahassee, the joy is evident in a video posted by Nick Dombeck of his son, Lucas, and their dog, Gunner running in circles in their yard.

Nick says Lucas is 5 and has never seen snow before.

Nick says at their home on the east side of Tallahassee, the snow was falling around 9 a.m. and Lucas stayed outside to play for over an hour.

"He’s never seen snow before and was extremely excited," Nick said. "[The] snow was gone by 10:30, but we had some fun out there!"

Snow and freezing rain continued to blanket the eastern seaboard after moving past Florida.

Towns from southeast Georgia up through Norfolk, Virginia were bracing for snow and ice through Wednesday evening.