Tropical Storm Alberto, first of 2024 hurricane season, forms over Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Alberto has formed over the Gulf of Mexico, becoming the first tropical storm of the 2024 Hurricane Season, according to the National Hurricane Center.

NOAA issues its most aggressive hurricane season forecast on record

The disturbance should bring tropical storm conditions along portions of the Texas coast and portions of northeastern Mexico on Wednesday, the NHC forecasted. 

It is expected to make landfall on the east coast of Mexico at around 7 a.m. on Thursday. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. 

Tropical Storm Alberto as of 11 a.m.

FOX 13 Meteorologist Dave Osterberg said Alberto should make landfall later on Wednesday or early Thursday morning.

Elsewhere, east of the Bahamas off the east coast of Florida, a system of showers and thunderstorms is working its way west. 

The system has a 10% chance of formation through the next 48 hours and 30% chance of formation through the next seven days. It is forecast to approach the coast of the southeastern U.S. by the latter part of the week, according to the NHC.

After Alberto moves out of the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, a possible disturbance could form in nearly the same area. 


The broad area of low pressure is expected to develop this weekend, and environmental conditions are conducive for gradual development through early next week while it moves slowly west-northwestward.

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It has a near 0% chance of development over the next two days and a 30% chance of development through the next seven days.

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