Asian gardens join orchids for this year's Selby Gardens show

Selby Gardens in Sarasota is always a peaceful place to visit. But as this year’s orchid show gets underway, there’s a decidedly Asian feel. 

The theme for the 2019 Orchid Show is “Blossoms of Asia.” President and CEO Jennifer Rominiecki explained that one goal this year was to change things up and encourage visitors to return for a different experience.

“Selby Gardens is really known for our collections from the Americas. So for us, it’s really exciting to showcase our collections from Asia,” she offered.

In addition to the Asian orchids, the show features many Asian garden elements.

“We really looked at the principles of Asian garden designs in collaboration with the Morikami Museum and Japanese garden in Delray Beach,” Rominiecki continued. “We wanted to make sure we authentically evoked the gardens of Asia.”

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The 15-acre garden is at 900 S. Palm Ave. in Sarasota. The orchid show runs through December 1.

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