Child psychologist says there's a difference between a bully and a mean child

Bullying is everywhere, even for grownups. But for parents, stepping in too early may do more harm than good, some experts say.

It's good for children to sort out their own social differences. It's an opportunity for growth, said child psychologist Dr. Wendy Rice.

Kids can be mean. It happens, she explained. However, when it becomes a pattern of behavior seemingly targeting specific people over time, that's bullying.

She said 'regular mean' is when someone wants to sit with the child, but the child says "no." It doesn't happen repeatedly. Some kids are just unfriendly -- and that would be to almost everyone, not singling anyone out.

If your kid is a bully, she said, hopefully, the parent recognizes that, and create empathy-buliding activities in their lives and tuning into other people's feelings.