Express yourself: Learn and advance your skills in the fine arts

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The Dunedin Fine Art Center is offering a new experience to their broad range of classes, exhibits and camps. They recently finished construction on a new kitchen classroom that will host one of a kind classes in the culinary arts. 

“Students do all the work and then afterwards, you sit down and a have nice meal. So it’s very similar to going out to dinner but you’re actually engaged, you’re doing something, having fun,” said instructor Chef Craig Tinling. 

Culinary arts is just one of the genres of classes the Dunedin Fine Art Center offers. Other classes include but are not limited to printing, painting and photography. 

“People usually like the classes here at the Dunedin Fine Art Center also because of the comradery,” said instructor Lorraine Turner. 

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is not just a classroom; they also have camps, exhibits and a kid’s corner. Currently, they have a quilt and textile exhibit on display. 

“One of things I love doing is sharing this passion and this option to be able to express yourself,” said photography instructor Jeremiah Khokhar. 

The Dunedin Fine Art Center is located at 1143 Michigan Boulevard. 

LINK: For more information visit here.