Find old-fashioned baked bread at 20 Shekels

A Clearwater bread bakery keeps things old school.

The bakers of 20 Shekels Bread are always coming up with something good. They do things the old-fashioned way here, which, they say makes the final product healthier. They say their bread is 100 percent organic using sprouted flour. just the way it was made before the Industrial Revolution. Your body then digests it as though you ate a salad, rather than a candy bar.

They also make other goodies, like muffins and cookies.

“All of our sprouted breads are made using certified organic and Non-GMO ingredients,” according to their website. “Made with flour that's optimally sprouted, specially dried, scientifically tested and milled into finely ground, powdery whole grain plant stuff. Every loaf crafted by hand. No rectangle pan assembly lines, machine plops of dough or cookie cutter cut outs. The true definition of artisan.” 

The bakery is open Wednesday through Sunday, and sell their baked goods at farmers markets in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

20 Shekels Bread
1877 Drew Street
Clearwater, FL 33765