Florida School of Woodwork has been teaching students for over a decade

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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create something out wood, such as furniture, a bowl, or a pepper grinder, it’s never too late to learn.

The Florida School of Woodwork opened in 2004, after owner, Kate Swann, kept getting requests from people wanting to learn her craft. Over the years, student enrollment and class offerings have steadily increased.

Today, the school offers year-round classes to national and international students on a broad array of woodworking topics, such as burning, turning and carving. Students of all ages and skills have enrolled. 

They also offer "Sunday Funday" workshops, where you can create all sorts of wooden things, and sometimes wooden beer mugs. It's conveniently located next door to the Hidden Springs Ale Works in Tampa Heights, where they teamed up with the school for an upcoming workshop. After you create your mug, you can fill up your cup. 

To learn more about the Florida School of Woodwork, click over to their website.