Forbici brings 'scissor pizza' to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is welcoming a new restaurant, Forbici Modern Italian. Partner Jeff Gigante said that he “grew up with food as his language of love.” This language has built a menu filled with Italian cuisine, impossible foods and the creative Roman-style pizza. 

“Forbici” is Italian for scissors, which makes sense because of the way their pizza is prepared. Partner and chef Jason Brunetti explained that they ferment the dough for 72 hours, creating a fluffy crust that is actually 80% water. Next they add toppings and their homemade mozzarella. Finally, the pizza is easily cut with a pair of scissors.

The restaurant will offer meatless 'impossible' burgers during lunch and they are planning on adding impossible meat to more menu items in upcoming weeks. 

Forbici is located at 1633 W Snow Ave., in the old Piquant location. The grand opening is Tuesday evening at 4 p.m.