Hometown Hero: Saving smiles at Dental Excellence of Brandon

Madeline can't remember the last time she went to the dentist. 

"I've been really wanting my teeth cleaned for a long time. It's been on my to do list ever since I came to tampa," said Madeline.

Thanks to Metropolitan Ministries and the staff at Dental Excellence of Brandon, Madeline and nine other patients got a free checkup.

"They feel a lot cleaner. My mouth feels a lot cleaner," said Madeline.

After more than three decades practicing dentistry, and 25 of those years in Brandon, Dr. Conte says he's grateful for the talents he has and the means to help out. 
"Through the years I have learned that the more you give, the more you receive. And it's something that the community needs," said Dr. Conte.

So he and his staff decided to lend their talents to those in need and spent an entire day brightening the smiles of people who otherwise couldn't afford it.

"Nobody's getting paid. We're doing this for the community. So I'm very happy with the staff for helping me with all these endeavors," said Dr. Conte.

This isn't the first time Dr. Conte has used his skills to help others. He's volunteered his services at local dental clinics and he's travelled all over the world helping people in need.

"I used to do extractions under a tree in Hondurus, without any facilities. This is my office and I have all the instruments. So it's very convenient for me to offer that to patients," said Dr. Conte.

And it's his act of kindness that's giving people like Madelline a reason to smile.