Hometown Heroes: Amazing Grace

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Nine-year-old Grace loves to help others, and she's got the Girl Scout badges to prove it. But she doesn't do it for the awards; Grace just loves to make people happy.

"I like to help my friends at school when they're having a hard time and I like to help people in my community," said Grace.

Her latest project has her helping foster kids in Pinellas County. Grace learned about a special place called "Eckerd Raising Hope" where children in the foster system can go to get free clothes, toiletries, and other comforts of home and immediately sprung into action.

And she thought pajamas would be the perfect gift. 

"It makes me feel very happy, and I feel like I'm helping people," Grace explained.

Grace sold some of her own books and toys online— she even cleaned her brother's bedroom to make a few extra bucks!

Grace made $150 and used every last penny to buy 18 pairs of pajamas. But she didn't stop there; she donated some of her own stuff too— including one of her favorite dolls.

"My aunt made it for me, and I think another kid would love to play with it and braid its hair," said Grace, as she stroked the brown yard that makes up the dolls hair.

Kelly Rossi is the Director of Eckerd Raising Hope, and was there when Grace dropped off the gifts. She says Grace's kindness is proof that even if you can't foster or adopt a child, there's still something we all can do to help.

"It's probably the greatest gift she can give to another kid is her own belongings. I can't believe that she thought enough of another child to do that," gushed Kelly.

Her compassion for others is just one of the many things that makes little Grace so amazing!  

If Grace inspired you to get involved, visit http://www.eckerd.org/get-involved/donate/raising-hope/