Inside look at Southeastern Guide Dogs' Puppy Academy

It’s tale of puppies: Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto opened a Puppy Academy earlier this year, which is described as a preschool for the pups to train them to become companions for those in need, such as seeing-eye dogs, or to provide emotional support for wounded veterans.

The academy needs puppy raisers, who can spend at least a year giving them love and care, before returning them to the academy for training. It would likely be difficult to part ways with the adorable faces, but it would be for a great cause.

Inside the facility, it looks like a kennel, but it’s truly more than that. The building cost $4.7 million and was paid by donations. Southeastern allows people to come inside to play with their puppies, so they can get used to being handled. This is by appointment only.

Puppy Academy
4210 77th Street East
Palmetto, FL 34221