IRB CrossFit takes you outside and on the beach

The CrossFit program in Indian Rocks Beach allows you to work out, well, on the beach.

The owner, Coach Mell, says she loves CrossFit because she is never bored.

"I get bored really, really easily, and nothing about CrossFit is ever the same," she explained. "That's one thing I love about CrossFit, I can teach people something new every day."

Her studio is steps away from the beach. Half of the workouts are in there, while the other half are across the street and on Indian Rocks Beach.

"It's not the weights that injure people, it's how you move. I'm really passionate about making sure that people move properly," Mell said. "The thing about CrossFit, we really focus on mechanics. It's mechanics first, then doing it consistently."

LINK: For more information, visit IRB CrossFit's website