'Odd Job' the therapy dog provides comfort, friendship at Dover school

There’s a special new teacher at Nelson Elementary School in Dover -- and his name is Odd Job.

He's not the sharp-dressed villain in James Bond’s "Goldfinger." Odd Job is a good boy, and a therapy dog. 

“All the kids yell his name. Teachers love seeing him. When they see him, they'll stop and pet him,” said physical education teacher Leslie Wheeler. 

His size may be intimidating, but Leslie says the lab-mix is a big softie.

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“At first the (kids) were surprised because of his size," Leslie explained, "but once they got to know him, they enjoyed his company, and they just like being with him. He's calm, so it's good."

Odd Job has been tagging along with Leslie since he was a puppy, but the 7-year-old only recently received his therapy dog certification. Now, he’s an official member of the staff.

“I like to share the wealth with him,” said Leslie.  

When he's not wagging his tail through the halls or showing off his tricks, Odd job is curled up in the guidance counselors office with the kids.

“He's such a good listener. He just sits right next to them, and they pet him while they're reading," said April Johnson, a guidance counselor. "It's definitely calming and relaxing."

Some kids read Odd Job their favorite book, while others prefer puppy kisses. But not every student gets one-on-one time with Odd Job. It’s a reward only given students who meet their weekly goals. Like Spencer, a fifth-grader, who wrote a letter about her love for her furry friend. 

“He helps me when I feel upset and knowing that if I do good I can see him," Spencer said. "So, that pushes me forward to do good in school."

Even though Odd Job is not a movie star -- he still has a lot of adoring fans.