Owners of martial arts studio say self-defense is not what you see in Hollywood

Quest Self-Defense and Martial Arts in Wesley Chapel teaches their students that it’s more about strengthening the mind in addition to strengthening the body.

Collectively, the owners, a husband and wife, have been practicing To-Shin Do for decades. The art, they said, has changed their lives. They say it changes their students’ lives.

“That’s what we’re about,” Mark explained, “winning in life.” 

In self-defense, there are no rules, the couple said. The martial arts they teach you is not the same as you may see in the movies. It’s a little more realistic. The first options in the face of conflict is to walk, talk or run.

"If none of that is an option, then it’s your job to come home happy and healthy. You just think about how lives would be shattered if you didn’t come home," Mark said.

LINK: For more information on classes and schedules, head over to Quest Self-Defense’s website