Penguin Pretzel Factory opens new location

It’s called the number one soft pretzel manufacturer in Florida.

The Penguin Pretzel Factory is located in New Port Richey with a mission to twist its way into your life.

The company, which opened a new location in New Port Richey, says each pretzel and stuffed pretzel are stuffed with “only the best, freshest ingredients ingredients…made each and every hour.”

They have a variety of options including:

The Emperor: inspired by the Greeks, the pretzel is stuffed with chopped spinach mixed with fresh scallions and feta cheese.

Pretzel Pizza: it looks exactly as it sounds.

The Endangered: they called it their spiciest stuff pretzel option. It includes a combination of buffalo sauce, chicken tenders and white American cheese and your choice of a side of (more) buffalo sauce, ranch dressing or blue cheese dipping sauces.

Penguin Poop (Nuggets): These nuggets are made from handmade pretzel dough, and you can have a topping of salt, everything seasons, cinnamon, or nothing at all.

Penguin Pretzel Factory
8536 Old County Road 54
New Port Richey, FL 34653
(727) 375-8585