Reach new heights (and overcome your fear of heights) at Empower Adventures

Not far from the hustle and bustle of the city, high above the trees, there’s a place where you can take your adventures to new heights. 

Empower Adventures in Oldsmar not only takes you zip-lining across the bayou, but it also tests your balance on the suspension sky bridge. However, founder Joe Dering said it’s about more than just an adventure. 

“It’s also very uplifting and confidence-building,” Dering said. “We have our guides who come out here and do a great job of helping people overcome the challenge and the obstacle of our course, to really be able to feel that jazzed energy of overcoming something and having fun doing it.”

And of course, there are a few who are afraid of heights. 

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“Our guides do a great job at facilitating their ability to muster up the courage inside their heart to be able to step off the platform and zip on,” Dering said.

The course isn't just for conquering your fears solo -- it's also used for group team-building.

"An experience where the group can come together, bond, build relationships, build communication skills, and really improve on the way they work and interact together,” Dering said. "They all come to us as a group to have that common experience to bind them and bring them together in their pursuit of excellence."

The course has several packages available, starting at $69 per person.

LINK: You can find out more by going to their Empower Adventures' website.