St. Pete bike shop wants you 'Ride the Iride way'

Some people look at an old bike and think to themselves ‘It's time to throw that way.' Noel, owner of Iride, sees an old bike as a blank canvas ready to be brought back to life. 

Located at 3700 N 49th Street, Iride specializes in restoring, repairing and customizing used bicycles.

Noel loves to restore vintage bikes back to the way they were originally meant to be. They will also turn an old, beat-up bike into their own unique custom creation. 

"Preservation has always been the main goal, to preserve history. We want to tell people why the bikes are so cool. But if a bike comes in missing all of its goodies or parts, that's like a canvas for me," said Noel. 

Iride has restored bikes from almost every decade and has also made bikes like the custom Guinness Beer themed bike.

Noel has a huge collection of restored vintage bikes displayed throughout the store, some dating all the way back to the 1920s. 

"If someone just wants the bike functioning, we can do that. Or if they want the full restoration, to look like it just left the factory, we can also do that. It just depends on budget," added Noel.   

LINK: For more information visit here.