'Team Landon' aims to help boy living with health challenges

In many ways, five-year-old Landon Harrington is just like any other little boy. He loves to laugh, smile and play with his toys, but Landon's life is anything but normal.

He was born premature; he has cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, autism and was recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

"It's very difficult. I feel like I am always doing something. I am always feeding him or giving him meds," said Landon's mom, Michelle Morales.

Despite Landon's round-the-clock care, Michelle manages to find the time to help others.

Shortly after his diagnosis, Michelle started the Mr. Strong Foundation, an organization helping other parents with sick kids pay for therapy.

"That's what it's all about- overcoming obstacles and trying to find the good in the bad," said Michelle.

If anyone deserves to wear a Superman cape, it's Landon. Even though his life is tough, he's still a happy, carefree kid.

"He is so fun. It's overwhelming sometimes because he is just so happy and I'm just like, wow, somebody who has all of these [illnesses] and he's just the happiest little kid. He's always smiling and laughing, and he makes other people laugh," said Michelle.

It's hard not to fall in love with Landon. Carey Kleimets did from the moment they first met.

"Just his smile and his spirit just light up a room- it's contagious being around him," said Carey.

So, Carey and her sister started Team Landon, a foundation to help Landon get the things he needs to live a more comfortable life.

"There is the ability to build a sensory room for him that allows him the opportunity to learn and build and grow in his own safe environment. Essentially that's what we're using the money for," said Carey.

Landon may not be able to walk, and he can only speak a few words, but the one thing he does have is love, an endless supply from his mom, his friends and now the whole community.