What's brewing at St. Pete Brewing

The Tampa Bay craft beer scene is a busy one, but it's one that St. Pete Brewing Company is happy to be a part of. The brewery has been along 1st Avenue N for five years, thanks to the efforts of two couples.

"I was a home brewer for about eight years, decided I needed a career change, went to brewing school and became a professional brewer," Jon McCracken explained.

"It was definitely a dream, I think, to make this happen," his wife, Aida, added.

While some breweries focus on a few particular styles, John says he doesn't feel constrained by any particular trend. St. Pete Brewing tries to keep 12 to 16 beers on tap at all time, including two that they distribute in stores: St. Pete Orange Wheat and Milo's IPA.

Beer slushies are another recent addition to the menu.

"You should be able to walk in here and find one or two beers that you like, even if you're not a big beer drinker," he continued. "Relax, drink beer, and hang out."

The street-side brewery includes a bar and tasting room, along with games and sidewalk chairs. 
They're open seven days a week.

MORE INFO: http://stpetebrewingcompany.com/