10 students arrested after fights at Lennard High School broadcast on social media

Students are fighting at Earl J. Lennard High School in Ruskin, Florida - and parents say it's getting out of control.

Making the situation increasingly scary, a social media account is posting what appears to be videos of the fights.

"Whenever we see a situation like this, we immediately take action," said Joseanett Diaz-Sanchez, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

In response to the violence, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says it's increasing its presence on campus. The office said 10 students have already been arrested this week. 

"If you're arresting 10 kids in just a week alone, it's pretty urgent," said Angela Hartsfield, a concerned parent who has a freshman and senior at Lennard.

Normally, the school has one deputy on campus, but in light of the recent series of fights, Diaz-Sanchez said more deputies are being stationed there - until further notice.

Meanwhile, parents continue to see videos online and wonder if enough is being done.

Hartsfield says the videos are worrisome and hopes the culture of filming bad behavior is addressed.

"It's not just the kids fighting, the kids that are videotaping, screaming, yelling, and chanting, jumping in," she pointed out.

In a statement, Hillsborough County schools said student safety is a top priority and measures are being taken to ensure a safe learning environment.

The students who were arrested this week were charged with misdemeanors, but school officials did not say what consequences they will face, if and when they return.

The school's full statement is below: 

"Today, out of an abundance of caution, we had additional school security and Hillsborough Sheriff deputies on campus due to the fights that occurred yesterday. The fights involved only a few students who made a bad choice. We are dealing with discipline for each of them.

This in no way reflects the vast majority of the students at Lennard High School. The students are as upset by the actions of a few and know this does not define Lennard High School and the great work that is happening there every day.

Student safety is our top priority and we always work to ensure a safe learning environment."