10 vehicles found with slashed tires at Riverview apartment complex, residents say

Ten vehicles were found with slashed tires Thursday morning at a Riverview apartment complex. 

Neighbors at the Allegro Palm apartment complex said they realized what happened around 6:45 a.m. Thursday. People were stuck and unable to make it to work. 

"Work for me is 45 minutes away, sometimes an hour," said Ashna Kumar, a resident at the apartment complex. "I have to go all the way to Bradenton, I have to cross over the bridge, so going to work, I can’t just Uber there, that Uber would be the cost of these tires today."

Some neighbors had to figure out other ways to get their kids to school.

"At least my husband had a car, so we got that under control, but this is our main car, it’s the biggest one, it has the best gas mileage, we use it the most," said Skyla Green, a resident. "It really hits us hard if I can’t get it fixed in time for me to go to work."

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Each resident whose tires were slashed filed a report with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. In the meantime, neighbors said they want to see something change. 

The community is gated, but neighbors said the gates are never closed, and they see random people coming in and out of the complex all the time.

"We’re supposed to have these gates closed, they call this a gated community on their web page and these gates haven’t been closed for almost a year now," Kumar said.

FOX 13 asked a manager on the property about the incident, but they said: "no comment."