$10,000 reward offered 2006 murder of teen girl in Manatee County

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Manatee County deputies are hoping a $10,000 reward will solve a 13-year-old murder case.

In 2006, 16-year-old Amber Woods’s body was found off State Road 62, about three miles west of the Hardee County line.

Investigators say Amber was shot to death.

Ever since investigators have been working to find a suspect. They hope the reward money will inspire someone to come forward.

The Gold Star Club of Manatee County is offering the reward for information leading to an arrest.

“We just want somebody who knows something who has known something all these years to come forward and help us to bring some closure to this case,” said Randy Warren with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. “We know she was murdered and this family has been waiting a long time to see some justice.”

Amber’s aunt was the last person to see her alive, in Hardee County hours before Amber was found dead.

The motive for her murder is still unknown.