2 tons of turkeys donated to Metro Ministries

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Metro Ministries got a huge donation to help the organization lift the spirits and fill the bellies of those less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

The donation of two tons of turkeys comes from Bay Area company GenerX Generators. With 18,000 families relying on Metro Ministries for their Thanksgiving dinner, the donation will go a long way.

"You can walk down the road and see the need. There is always someone asking for food or assistance," said Sgt. Robert Lathinghouse.

Palmetto Reserve Sergeant Robert Lathinghouse isn't responding to calls Friday. Instead, he's picking up boxes upon boxes of canned goods and non-perishable items donated to Metro Ministries. 

"That is part of what we do, and our responsibility as a human being," he said.

The city of Palmetto and residents have been collecting goods for the Mayor's Food Drive. Cities from North Port to Palmetto participated. In Palmetto, many of the donations came from students.

"I love Thanksgiving and it's such a big part of my family, so it makes me really happy that other people get to do that, that normally don't get to do that," said 7th grader Sadie Kendzior.

For weeks, they have been collecting as much as they can and it has paid off. The city of Palmetto expected to have nearly 10,000 items donated.

"That one box was almost 200 cans. I did everything in my power with the assistant of the other guy to get that in the truck," said Sgt.Lathinghouse.

The truck full of donations will arrive at the Mt.Carmel resource center and the food will be sorted and divided up. It will be given out Tuesday, just in time for Thanksgiving Day.

"We will have pretty close to 200 families a little over that we will serve for Thanksgiving," said Shirley Pearson the executive director of the Mt.Carmel Community Resource center.

It has given those in need plenty of reasons to be thankful for the neighbors who've helped support them.

"Success happens when we all work together for a common cause," said Pearson.