35 women try out to be a Weeki Wachee mermaid

Some girls dream of being mermaids -  swimming, playing, and breathing underwater.

Friday, some young women got the chance to be one.

Tryouts were supposed to be last week, but were postponed due to weather.

We all know that mermaids frolic at Weeki Wachee Springs. They are a huge draw to the state park and have been performing underwater for more than 60 years.

Fun fact: Florida is the only state where being a mermaid is a government job, making $12 an hour.

The attraction held tryouts for new mermaid members. They had to pass an endurance swim test and an underwater audition.

“I love to swim. It’s just being in the water and under the water is a totally different experience. To be in that space and embody that and be able to share that with other people that beauty and magic of being a mermaid,” said mermaid hopeful Jasmine Cora.

Up to 35 women are competing for four spots.