400 linemen treated to cookout at Seminole High

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It was a feast fit for hundreds of linesmen and women Friday at Seminole High School.

Truly a community effort, Marilyn Mevers' Facebook post received a lot of attention when she thought to do something nice for these workers spending long hours on the job, away from their families.

"Somebody here knows somebody, that knows me, that knows someone else," she said. "It just went like that."

Within 48 hours of that Facebook post, people came together to help out. On top of the hundreds of pounds of chicken and brisket, there were hotdogs, snacks, and plenty of drinks and water.

It makes the effort to restore power to the millions of Floridians well worth it, especially for those from out-of-state.

"Everyone is happy to see us, giving us the thumbs up riding down the road, yelling and waving," said Phillip Pike, from North Carolina. "It's made everyone feel real good, real at home. I would gladly come back to Florida and help, to do this again! I don't want to see another hurricane, but it's very nice, very nice."

"It shows that people do care about each other," said Mevers. "We can come together as a group, and help one another out."

Thousands are still in the dark wondering when they'll get their power back. The life of a linesman can be thankless, but on Friday, the hundreds that showed up for dinner felt appreciated.

"We've had people out there that's been pretty angry with us," said Scott Faulkner, also working here from North Carolina. "So, to see this, it makes it worth it. You really understand that people do care and appreciate what you do."

"I've been on a lot of storms, I've never seen nothin' like this," Faulkner added.