67-year-old Uber driver choked, carjacked in Bradenton

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A 67-year-old Uber driver was choked and carjacked by two suspects on Tuesday, according to Bradenton Police. 

Pasco deputies later found and arrested the two suspects, identified as 19-year-old John P. Suggs and 27-year-old Michelle W. Baker. 

The Uber driver had just dropped off a fare in the 1900 block of 14th Street West in Bradenton when Suggs and Baker jumped into his car and asked for a ride a few blocks away, police say. 

The driver, whose identity has not yet been released, agreed to give the two suspects a ride. But, when he stopped his car in the 1900 block of 19th Avenue West,  Suggs reportedly dove over the center console and began to choke and hit the driver.

Chief of Police Melanie Bevan said Suggs pushed the Uber driver our of his vehicle and began to drive away. The driver-turned-victim struggled to regain control of the car, but fell into the roadway. 

He suffered lacerations and road rash to his head, face arms and legs, and was transported to Manatee Memorial for medical treatment.  

The vehicle was later spotted in Pasco County, and led Pasco deputies on a car chase-- but the pursuit ended in a crash. 

Deputies and a K9 team were able to capture the two suspects. 

The vehicle, which was the victim's personal car, was totaled.  

Mr. Suggs was injured in the crash and was treated at a local Pasco County hospital. 

Both Mr. Suggs and Mrs. Baker were arrested and taken to the Pasco County jail. 

According to police, Mr. Suggs was in no condition to speak with Bradenton detectives; however Mrs. Baker did speak to detectives and confessed to the crime and implicated Mr. Suggs.