70-year-old back on trial for Kissimmee woman's murder

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James Jackson and his handy walker are back for a second trial. The first one ended in a hung jury.

Jackson is accused of strangling and butchering Diana Bloomenberg to death. He admitted knowing Bloomenberg but denied being involved in the murder.

During the first trial, prosecutors said blood splatter was found on the walls and ceiling of Jackson's room. They showed the jury a comforter splattered with the victim's blood, as well.

During a police interview, Jackson appeared to have bloodstains on his belongings. 

DNA expert Nicole Hinton testified, "I did compare the profile of Diana Bloomenberg to the bloodstain on the floor and it does match the profile of Diana Bloomenberg."

The defense, meanwhile, says Jackson is too old and frail to commit such a brutal attack.

While the DNA evidence links the victim to Jackson will it be enough for a jury to send the 70-year-old defendant to prison? Prosecutors hope so.

First, they will have to seat a jury. One potential juror Monday already wanted out. 

"My grandmother was knifed to death and I just don’t know if I can do this," the potential juror said.