76-year-old woman in Argentina leads aerobics class for her neighbors

A physical education teacher from Buenos Aires, Argentina is uniting her neighbors and keeping them fit with socially-distanced workout classes.

Every day, 76-year-old Irma Mogilevsky holds a 40-minute class for all of the residents in her building to keep them moving and clear their heads, despite being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I am restless and I have been retired for a long time," she told the Associated Press. "On WhatsApp, I invited them to join and they showed up."

During one workout, she hosted a class in which she mixed Danish and Swedish gymnastics with some other exercises. Before the quarantine, many of her "students" did not exercise. Now, they are fans.

The building's design is perfect for the special kind of workout, with a courtyard on the ground floor surrounded by balconies large enough for light movement -- four stories high.

The leg, arm, and torso movements that Mogilevsky teaches are not difficult. As Mogilevsky moved decisively and with agility, several of the neighbors located in the patio followed her closely and others imitated her from the balconies.

The classes began on March 20, and have managed to strengthen ties with several neighbors finding a place to overturn their unrest. Some students have had perfect attendance at their classes.

Mogilevsky is already known on social media. She also teaches classes on her Instagram page and hopes to continue working out with her neighbors even after the lockdown ends.