8-year-old Texas boy suffers brain injury after being attacked by bullies at school, family says

A family in the Houston suburb of Tomball says their 8-year-old student was treated for a traumatic brain injury after being attacked by bullies at school.

Christian Boynton's older sister said he was attacked by three other students in the bathroom of his elementary school.

The third grader was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital.

"They decided that they needed to rush him to the hospital where they did x-rays. It was discovered he actually suffered traumatic brain injuries," Kailee Boynton said.

"Bullying is a crime. Another innocent child has fallen victim to the hateful acts of a BULLY," she expressed on Facebook.

The family said Christian is now out of the hospital and at home recovering.

The Tomball Independent School District released a statement saying it is investigating the incident and will take appropriate disciplinary measures for all those involved: