94-year-old grandmother returns favor to Clearwater police

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After officers donated their time and supplies to help a 94-year-old Clearwater grandmother, she thought it was time to return the favor.

Prior to Hurricane Irma, Betty Helmuth’s concerned granddaughter, who lives in Texas and lived through Hurricane Harvey, reached out to the Clearwater Police Department to figure out the best way to help prepare her grandmother.

In response, police arrived at Betty’s front door with food, water, flashlights and other hurricane kit items. Betty was floored and giddy to see the men in uniform at her doorstep.

“Oh gosh, you’re good looking!” she said.

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Betty wanted to thank the officers for their selfless act. She brought her own supplies on Wednesday morning when she visited the department headquarters with her granddaughter. The duo brought food, drinks and sweet treats.

Clearwater police shared photos of the goodies they brought, which included notes that read, “Sweets before you hit the streets!” and “for ‘NACHO’ average officers.”

“She also brought her sunny and beautiful disposition,” the agency wrote on its Facebook page,” which is always on display no matter what she is doing or where she is.”