A ‘Kind Mouse' with a big heart

A group of volunteers come together every week to feed hungry children in Pinellas County schools.

"I just couldn't imagine being a parent and not being able to feed my child,” said Gina Wilkins, who runs The Kind Mouse.

The Kind Mouse is a food pantry that packs nutritious snacks for students to take home.

"We pack the bags -- 350 every single weekend -- and we bring those to the schools for the school social worker to hand out," Wilkins explained.

Wilkins started The Kind Mouse in 2011 to help kids whose parents were laid off in a bad economy.

"It’s the best thing that we ever did. It really, really is," she continued.  "It’s wonderful helping out so many children. We absolutely love it."

Nance Natelle has volunteered from day one. "It really gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I feel really good."

Donations fund the organization. In five years, The Kind Mouse has given away more than 55,000 healthy snack bags.

"We feel, with each child that we touch, that we are giving them hope." Wilkins added.

The Kind Mouse also has programs to feed families and those down on their luck. 

For more information, click over to www.TheKindMouse.org.