A paramotorist's view of Tampa Bay

London Ivey has always wanted to fly.

The Zephyrhills man decided to take up flying about 7 years ago and the rest was history. 

“Powered powergliding is unlike anything I’ve ever done,” he tells FOX 13 News. “The thought of running into the air with a small engine on my back and fabric above my head is a feeling like no other.”

Through his company, CloudbasePPG, Ivey offers training and gear needed to fly like him. 

Together, with his friend and videographer, John Joeb Jr., they produce stunning videos from Ivey’s eye in the sky. 

Joeb, who lives in Land O’ Lakes, mounts a GoPro Fusion to a monopod which is suspended in front of Ivey and then pieces together the visual elements. The end result is shows the beauty of Tampa Bay from various points of view.