About 100 turn up to pizza shop in Ohio, "closed" for Thanksgiving

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An Ohio pizzeria put up a sign, "Closed for Thanksgiving." But, it's what the sign also read that resonated with so many. "If you are hungry, or don't have any money, please come in," it read. 

The sign went viral after being shared on Facebook and the popular social media site "Reddit," and on Thanksgiving, the shop's owner, Jason Hague, opened the doors of Bada Bing! Pizzeria to the needy. 

About 100 people were fed, he said, and they had plenty of leftovers which they donated to the local fire department and a homeless shelter. But, he said, there was an outpouring from the community, which helped to make it successful. People of all ages dropped off turkeys and pies.

Hague says he is grateful for the amazing day. And it all started with just this one post.