Accused Capitol rioter asks judge to remove 'annoying' GPS ankle monitor

Federal prosecutors say Joshua Doolin contemplated bringing weapons and ammunition, including an AR-15 and magazines, to the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The details are laid out in a new motion filed by the feds.

Doolin was arrested in late June and released on bond, but now he is asking a judge to remove his GPS ankle monitor.

In a motion filed by his attorney requesting a modification to his bond conditions, he argues the tracking monitor gets in the way of his gym workouts and he has "developed annoying blisters as a result of wearing the device."

From documents filed by prosecutors.

But prosecutors want the ankle monitor to stay on. They reminded the judge in an 18-page response of the real danger they say Doolin poses in the community.

They included some of his text messages just before the riots, where he suggests bringing a semi-automatic weapon, anticipating that violence would occur and enthusiastically welcoming it by writing, "I wouldn’t mind dying with my family storming the capital on my birthday!"

Joshua Doolin sprints away from reporters outside the Tampa courthouse back in June.

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Instead, they say, he joined a violent mob of rioters that armed themselves with chemical spray and zip ties. Some of Doolin's co-defendants face more serious charges: A total of four men and one woman who live or work in Polk County, including Jonathan Pollock, Joseph Hutchinson III, Michael Perkins, and Olivia Pollock. Most remain out on bond with ankle monitors intact.

The FBI says this image shows Doolin, Perkins, and Pollock engaging with officers at the Capitol.

Doolin is hoping a judge will allow him to take his off. The judge expected to rule in the next few weeks.