Accused fraudster scolded by judge during hearing

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Defendant John Lee adjusted his back brace as he walked up to address Hillsborough County Judge Tom Barber.

Lee is accused of an elaborate insurance fraud scheme that began in a Winn Dixie parking lot.

State Prosecutor Amy Ward explained the state's position.

"The state alleges it was not a real crash," explained Ward.

Prosecutors say Lee scoped out an elderly couple leaving Winn Dixie on Bloomingdale in Brandon.

They say the 80-year-old driver was parked in a handicap spot and was slowly pulling out.

Ward demonstrated what happened next.

"At that point, when he sees the cars close enough, he turns around and goes like this and moves out of the way. Even on slow down, the car never touches him. Then he bangs on the back of the hood," said Ward.

Lee claimed he was hit and suffered multiple injuries to his neck and back. He got $10,000 payout from an insurance company

However, things went awry when surveillance video of the incident surfaced. Lee was charged with fraud, which he disputed.

"Everything she just described is false," Lee fired off. 

But what set Lee off the most was when the prosecutor claimed the video also shows him targeting the couple.

"It’s not just the accident but he also follows the old people through the store," said Ward. 

Lee slumped down in frustration.

"Mr. Lee, save the reactions because if you do that in your trial the jury is going to think you’re a moron, alright?" said Judge Barber.

His trial is set to start next week. A jury will be able to view the surveillance video.